‘i-am’ associates are delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary Mexican restaurant design…Chilango. The brief was to create an eclectic ‘fast/casual’ Mexican food brand that captured the unique urban personality that is quintessentially Mexico City. ‘i-am’ have been behind the whole brand design from the name generation, brand identity and the whole brand experience.

‘i-am’ have created a bold European interpretation of both Mexican culture and architecture using natural textures set against with vibrant, fresh colours. There is no watering down, or pastel, everything is 100% pure and intense to echo the values of the food.

Chilango is a step apart from current trends in the fast food retail sector as it introduces a new food service format; fast/casual. This transcends the current ‘norm’ in fast food retail and looks toward the fashion world for its influences to create a truly unique fast paced Mexican experience. The opening has caused quite a stir in Fleet Street with ques around the block.

For the Chilango case study visit –



Hinterland is a one ticket Music and Art Fest bonanza that celebrates Scotland’s finest creatives! Set across multiple venues in central Glasgow it describes itself as an ‘Adventure in Music and Art’ and has us eager to head up to Bonny Scotland but alas we have to wait until the festival kicks off at the end of April 09. This coincides with Glasgow recently being voted a UNESCO City Of Music, so much is this town famed for its music scene that the USA’s Time Magazine recently compared it to Detroit in it’s Motown heyday. Tickets don’t go on sale until mid November but we have it on good authority that they will sell like Hot Haggis on a cold Highland morning..

Beyond Limits

Now in its third year ‘Beyond Limits’, the joint initiative between Sothebys and the Chatsworth Estate, continues to challenge perceptions and screams to be heard. The biggest names in the world of sculpture have carefully sited some of their most exceptional work in this grand location. The results are really amazing. Pride of place is Marc Quinn’s ‘Planet’: a white bronze babe made out of six tonnes of bronze – a work of eerie beauty and baffling, gravity-defying engineering. Set in front of the grandeur of Chatsworth Estateits effect is reminiscent of Pei’s pyramid at the Louvre….and if a six tonne baby is not your cup of tea you can wander around the works of many of the modern masters of the art including; Zaha Hadid, Salvador Dali, Ron Arad and Robert Indiana.


Bimeks is one of the top three electronics retailers in Turkey. Bimek started from humble roots and has since been a very successful family run business. However in the current economic downturn have recently found themselves fighting off the onslaught of the big multinationals, from America and Germany. ‘i-am’ have been asked to help Bimeks retain their competitive edge and succeed in an incresingly competitive market, stay tuned for more project details in the new year… it may seem at first site to be another e-commerce fashion catalogue..but take a second look and you realise that FarFetch have taken a lot of the hassle out for us trendsetting boutique shoppers. This new online retail concept brings together 20 of Europe’s most prolific, multi-brand designer boutiques in one shopping web site. It boasts boutique names such as; B Store, Deliberti, Eral 55, Feathers, Gallery, Heartless and good friend’s of ‘i-am’: Beyond The Valley. Farfetch also goes so far as to arrange the collections into three sections Luxe, Lab and Cult each offering a different range of designers, labels and boutiques depending on your personal style. We are confident Farfetch will not disappoint even the most discerning fashionistas, whether looking for your boutique favorites from the comfort of your chesterfield or when fashioning a new style all together it has it all. Go on treat yourself….

One by the Five

The ultimate in unique personal experiences awaits only the most romantic at the One by the Five Hotel. This hotel differs to most romantic breaks as it consists of only one boutique suite. Decadence reigns in this micro hotel with a sumptuous fiery red foyer which could evoke passion in the most cold hearted guest. The bedroom itself is something else entirely with a literally mind blowing ‘sleep’ experience as the bed appears to hover over an endless sky which, once the lights go out, means you can enjoy your tailor made privacy under the stars (all be it pinpricks of LED lighting!). Opulance and ultimate privacy at this Paris hotel make it a one night experience not to be missed…

Dont Follow the Flock