Shop quick at Kwikshop

I know. It is “shop quickLY”, but it would spoil the headline, wouldn’t it?
Kwikshop is a shop located at famous Kastanienallee which has the nickname “Castingallee” and is worth a post on its own. However, this one is about the nice Kwikshop:
kwik totale

kwik window

kwik stempelschmuck
The idea behind Kwikshop is actually given in its name. It started two years ago as a kiosk where you could quickly shop presents. No door, just a window and a display. A small, unclassyfiable range of objects, partly designed by the owners, three product designers, partly assembled all over the world. The offer is hard to describe – can you find an umbrella term under which a “wedding ring stamp”, ninja boots and a 3months-calendar (“Quartalsheft”) could happily coexist? See. Sometimes they also sell a special kind of beer, and sometimes they compile CDs. You can get rain boots and knobs, Jew’s harps, blankets and towelling skirts. But if it is the image of a packed corner shop which now emerges in front of your inner eye you are terribly wrong. Kwikshop is extremely well arranged and strictly selects the products. They usually have a story behind them and an ideal surplus. What they have in common is that they are special, extraordinary, you don’t really need them, but want to have them anyway. In one word: The perfect gift! Like this cute little soft bicycle light I couldn’t resist when taking photos for the blog…

kwikshop, Kastanienallee 44, Mitte, Mon – Sat 12am – 7pm,


One response to “Shop quick at Kwikshop

  1. This shop is wonderful–a super selection of stylish and reasonably priced items, with a sense of humor.
    In the midst of so much stuff, kwikshop picks out some things you really might need as well as want. While you are at it, there is some pretty good ice cream and coffee nearby, as well as cafes, etc. The street scene is great too.

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