The Detail of Retail – Book Launch

‘i-am’ associates have published an Insight Guide entitled The Detail of Retail – Five Essential Steps for the Perfect Customer Experience. The book is based on the invaluable perspective of Retail Guru and ‘i-am’ Director Tim Jeffrey.


The Guide highlights five essential ingredients that represent the essence of a great Customer Experience. The list is in fact endless as is the customer’s demands in exchange for their loyalty. But here is a good place to start. Use this Guide as a checklist against your own brand experience and to hold against that of others.

‘The Detail of Retail’ is available from the ‘i-am’ Shop for £5.00 (+ £3.00 p&p)

Alternatively order ‘The ‘i-am’ Yellow Book – Quotes and Images from a New Perspective for £18.00 (+ £3.00 p&p) and receive a FREE copy of ‘The Detail of Retail’

Visit the ‘i-am’ website HERE and follow the link on the homepage for the ‘i-am’ shop to order now!


One response to “The Detail of Retail – Book Launch

  1. First of all, I dig the layout of this blog.

    This seems like a pretty interesting book, at least for anyone who has worked retail for a while. Do you own a copy, and if so did was there anything super innovative, and is it a lot of corporate jargon with a pretty cover?

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