‘i-am’ associates are delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary Mexican restaurant design…Chilango. The brief was to create an eclectic ‘fast/casual’ Mexican food brand that captured the unique urban personality that is quintessentially Mexico City. ‘i-am’ have been behind the whole brand design from the name generation, brand identity and the whole brand experience.

‘i-am’ have created a bold European interpretation of both Mexican culture and architecture using natural textures set against with vibrant, fresh colours. There is no watering down, or pastel, everything is 100% pure and intense to echo the values of the food.

Chilango is a step apart from current trends in the fast food retail sector as it introduces a new food service format; fast/casual. This transcends the current ‘norm’ in fast food retail and looks toward the fashion world for its influences to create a truly unique fast paced Mexican experience. The opening has caused quite a stir in Fleet Street with ques around the block.

For the Chilango case study visit –


2 responses to “Chilango

  1. Greetings from Berlin. Did you stop writing thos Blog? Found it with Google a few Minutes ago and was happy first, Then i saw that there is nothing new.

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