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Despite the usual ‘hidden anonymous door’ concept Tausend is all about seeing and being seen. Shaped steel and glass give a slick 80s twist to this modern speakeasy while a hedonistic crowd order from a vast selection of champagne and vodkas. ‘i-am’ admire the subtle theatrics of it all. Visit the suitably secretive website at



Weinerei is a phenomenon and everybody who is there for the first time wonders how this principle can work:Weinerei bar  You pay one €uro to become a club member for one evening (a reminiscent of the wild days of illegal clubs in Berlin) and get a glass. Now you can try the different wines at the bar and just serve yourself. One simple meal is offered in the evenings, during daytime you can get coffee and choose between different cakes and a variety of pastries for very fair prices. And now -tataa! At the end you pay as much as you think it was worth it. Really. And it seems to work. (Ok, the waiters pay attention that this price is a reasonable one.) Some years ago all this was a bit easier, you could even take a whole bottle to your table if you liked this certain wine a lot, and nobody checked how much you payed. But this was when Weinerei was a bit more hidden and not mentioned in Lonely Planet and every single guide to Berlin… So watch out, this place is usually packed. Nowadays Weinerei has grown to a real Wine-imperium including a shop opposite, a restaurant “Fra Rosa” (some meters up the road at Zionskirchstr. 40), a branch at Kollwitzstr. (“Loch”) and “Perlin”, a “Teatro Privat” behind the Zionskirche. For details check out the webpage!Weinerei bar 2  Weinerei 3Weinerei “Forum”, Fehrbelliner Str. 57 (Ecke Veteranenstr.), Berlin-Mitte (but feels like Prenzlauer Berg…) Mon – Sun 1oam – 12pm |

Bonanzacoffeeheroes: Don’t die before trying

Thank you, Bonanzacoffeeheroes. You came all the way from the home land of modern coffee culture (Seattle) to Berlin just to show us how great coffee can be. Oh, it can be great, SO great…cappuccino+flat whiteIn their tiny little coffee bar, there is no space for frills (actually, there is even no space for storage). Every squarecentimeter has its purpose. About half the space is occupied by the “sanctum” (the giant coffeemachine and the bar). The rest of the space needs to fulfill the functions of storage and sitting area. The 2in1 solution they developped for sitting and storage is both clever and good-looking, isn’t it?sanctumstorageseatWhat is also clever is the cooperation to the music shop next door: they play the music “dense” sells.  Bonanzacoffeeheroes, Oderberger Str.  34, 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg   

Kauf Dich Glücklich

(“Shop yourself happy”)Berlin is a paradise for new, at first sight maybe strange concepts. At Kauf Dich Glücklich, for example, you are having your wafers, icecream and coffee in the integrated shop for second hand furniture. So if you are lucky you can take the sofa home when having finished.KDG also offers a changing range of vintage sunglasses, jewellery and surprises. I like in particular the little toys from the seventies/eighties they sell at the bar.KDGtoysinteriorKauf dich glücklich, Oderbergerstr. 44, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Mon – Fri 12am – 01am, Sat 10am – 01am

Office is where the WLAN is: St. Oberholz

Today my field survey allows me to blog on spot. Great!

The interior is toying with 50ies furniture and alpine kitsch and so supplying the German want for “Gemütlichkeit”. Besides, it makes a nice contrast to the stylish Mitte-crowd with their shiny laptops. St. Oberholz is not only a café, it is the beginning of a new age of internet cafés. I don’t know if that was the owners’ intention when opening this café, but now it definitely is. It is even more: it is a public office space.
working class stairs
The difference is that you have to bring the computer yourself (usually people don’t dare to bring anything but a Mac, but today I have spotted several PCs). St. Oberholz is a two floor open plan office for all the homeless creative people working on “projects”. Media has given these people the nice name “digital boheme”. I think this is a Berlin phenomenon and was a product of the recession some years ago when there were no jobs, but loads of creative potential: everybody was sitting in cafés, having endlessly time talking about “projects”. Those which were realised are part of the Berlin feeling now – in other cities they might have remained phantasms, here they became real thanks to low rents, low living expenses and low chances to get a regular employment.
snacks stairs again stance
They have a great blog on leftbehind things! Check Rosenthaler Str. 72a (am Rosenthaler Platz), Mitte, Mo – Fr 08:00am – 00:00pm, Sat – Sun 09:00a, – 00:00pm.
Please excuse the bad quality of the photos.


If you should ever feel lonely in this friendly city I recommend a visit at Milchhalle.

Milchhalle belongs to the family of café/bistro/delis opened only during daytime. The offer in those coffeebars is comparable to a pret-a-manger, but these here are all individual as there is no real chain yet, so the atmosphere is way nicer and definitely NOT comparable to pret. But I was talking of the sudden loneliness which might attack you even (or just) in a city full of nice people. The special thing about Milchhalle is the giant black table surrounded by white chairs, everyone a bit different from the other one. And that’s it. There is only one table, giving the café the atmosphere of a friend’s livingroom, so it is very easy and only natural to start chatting with your neighbour.


UPDATE 6th may 2008: Something has changed here. Suddenly, there are too many chairs around the table (and the new ones are ugly!), and the white bench at the back has been replaced by a huge black leather couch. I liked it better before 😦

Milchhalle, Auguststraße 58, Berlin – Mitte sun closed mon – fri 8.00 am – 6.00 pm sat 10.00 am – 6.00 pm fon. 0049. (0)30. 40055960

Coffee Culture

Wow, this guy in his mobile espresso bar must do a really good job…
queingespresso bar
(well, to be honest: these people are waiting to get into Bode Museum on a freezing sunday afternoon. We Berliners can’t help ourselves but we’re just crazy about culture! Anyway, the espresso guy probably made a fortune…)