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“A Gorilla lives in the jungle. When he is hungry, he picks some leaves and eats till he is full. The leaves are raw, always fresh and natural, the fruit as well. He doesn’t eat neither sugar and fat nor other animals. That what the gorilla eats makes him the strongest and most content animal in the jungle.

Do it like the gorilla does!”

That’s the credo of “Gorilla”, a Berlin based fast food chain. It was founded about 5 years ago in Berlin and is starting out to conquer the German fast food market. McDonald’s, watch out! Well, so far there are five branches which indeed look fresh and natural; in Charlottenburg, in Zehlendorf, in Kreuzberg and now, brandnew, also in Mitte (where I finally noticed them).  

If you wanna do as the gorilla does, do it here:

Charlottenburg, Knesebeckstr. 5 | Zehlendorf, Teltower Damm 33 | Kreuzberg, Marthalle am Marheinekeplatz | Mitte, Freidrichstr. 120 und Jägerstr. 35

Mon -Fri 8am – 8pm, opening times at the weekends vary, check out for details.


Office is where the WLAN is: St. Oberholz

Today my field survey allows me to blog on spot. Great!

The interior is toying with 50ies furniture and alpine kitsch and so supplying the German want for “Gemütlichkeit”. Besides, it makes a nice contrast to the stylish Mitte-crowd with their shiny laptops. St. Oberholz is not only a café, it is the beginning of a new age of internet cafés. I don’t know if that was the owners’ intention when opening this café, but now it definitely is. It is even more: it is a public office space.
working class stairs
The difference is that you have to bring the computer yourself (usually people don’t dare to bring anything but a Mac, but today I have spotted several PCs). St. Oberholz is a two floor open plan office for all the homeless creative people working on “projects”. Media has given these people the nice name “digital boheme”. I think this is a Berlin phenomenon and was a product of the recession some years ago when there were no jobs, but loads of creative potential: everybody was sitting in cafés, having endlessly time talking about “projects”. Those which were realised are part of the Berlin feeling now – in other cities they might have remained phantasms, here they became real thanks to low rents, low living expenses and low chances to get a regular employment.
snacks stairs again stance
They have a great blog on leftbehind things! Check Rosenthaler Str. 72a (am Rosenthaler Platz), Mitte, Mo – Fr 08:00am – 00:00pm, Sat – Sun 09:00a, – 00:00pm.
Please excuse the bad quality of the photos.


If you should ever feel lonely in this friendly city I recommend a visit at Milchhalle.

Milchhalle belongs to the family of café/bistro/delis opened only during daytime. The offer in those coffeebars is comparable to a pret-a-manger, but these here are all individual as there is no real chain yet, so the atmosphere is way nicer and definitely NOT comparable to pret. But I was talking of the sudden loneliness which might attack you even (or just) in a city full of nice people. The special thing about Milchhalle is the giant black table surrounded by white chairs, everyone a bit different from the other one. And that’s it. There is only one table, giving the café the atmosphere of a friend’s livingroom, so it is very easy and only natural to start chatting with your neighbour.


UPDATE 6th may 2008: Something has changed here. Suddenly, there are too many chairs around the table (and the new ones are ugly!), and the white bench at the back has been replaced by a huge black leather couch. I liked it better before 😦

Milchhalle, Auguststraße 58, Berlin – Mitte sun closed mon – fri 8.00 am – 6.00 pm sat 10.00 am – 6.00 pm fon. 0049. (0)30. 40055960

Celebratory lunch

Went for lunch with a friend today. Celebrated my blog’s first day.
Actually a very significant date to start a Berlin diary: on 9th of november in 1989 the wall fell. 18 years ago – Germany’s attaining full age!