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Despite the usual ‘hidden anonymous door’ concept Tausend is all about seeing and being seen. Shaped steel and glass give a slick 80s twist to this modern speakeasy while a hedonistic crowd order from a vast selection of champagne and vodkas. ‘i-am’ admire the subtle theatrics of it all. Visit the suitably secretive website at



A funny little shop has popped up in a former flower shop pavillion at Brunnenstraße/ Ecke Anklamerstraße: “The Adventures of Kit Carson”. Even if the shop reminds one of a gold-digger city it is difficult to imagine that Kit Carson underwent his wild west adventures dressed in the clothes which are sold here: selected pieces of vintage fashion and up and coming new designers from everywhere (women only, sorry, Kit).
I like the contrast between the rough-and-ready appearance and the fact that you can pay with cash card (at least the sticker says so).

The adventures of Kit Carson, Brunnenstr./ Ecke Anklamer Str., Mitte. Tue – Sat sometimes bewteen 12pm and 8pm, only for the next three months

Clemens en August in Berlin

Clemens en August, the label which prefers to go on selling tours instead of having stores, will be in Berlin from thursday (3rd april) till sunday (6th april). The temporary store will be located in the gallery Sammlung Sander at the corner of Tucholsky/Auguststraße. As Berlin Berlinale opens on april 5 in Kunstwerke (nearly) next door this is a really well chosen spot! So jump at the chance to do something for your wardrobe and your education at once…


Read the Vogue feature for more information, or have a look at the Clemens en August webpage

The shop will be opened from 11am till 8pm.

Snail Office

PlatoonUsually offices move invisibly. Not so if Platoon does: like a snail they like to take their house with them. Seems a convenient way to escape the annoying packing… The new location is Linienstraße/Ecke Alte Schönhauser Straße. If you want to know what Platoon does, check

The Dog Indicator

Compared to other capitals, Berlin is a very slow city. There are very few areas where you have the feeling of hectic metropolis life as you know it from London, for example. The following collection of “dogs at the window” may seem to have been assembled in the suburbs – actually all photos have been taken in Mitte, in the very center of 1chat 2Ackerstr

Slurping at Susuru

Susuru means “to slurp” in japanese, and this is exactly what you are supposed to do at this stylish noodle soup restaurant. If you find slurping unstylish, don’t bother: the better the food, the louder you slurp in Japan (at least I was told so). To avoid spots on your business dress, take one of the pinafores which have been thoughtfully placed under the tables. You can slurp at high tables in the front, or at huge low round tables in the back. The tables are white, in contrast to the very dark brown walls. I really like the look of these walls, like the bar they are tiled in a very special pattern. The material used is linoleum which looks softer and smoother than ceramics. More phots at their webpage (link see below)hoher tischbardecoSusuru, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 17, 10178 Berlin Mitte, Mon – Sun 11.30am – 11.30pm, 


Some posts ago I told you that the adidas Originals store was being renovated. It re-opened two days ago, and this is the result:shop quick at Kwikshopshoewall I liked the mixed media wall part of which you can become for some time: the big frame in the middle is the “photographer”; your image will then appear in one of the other frames. wall of fameWhat is new and special is the possibility to create and order your absolutely personal adidas shoe. Time between creation and delivery is 3 weeks. custom shoe